Wireless Selfie Stick ( Lovely )


  • Wireless Selfie Stick ( Lovely ) 


    Popular and Fashion iMyMax Lovely Series selfie stick with built-in bluetooth remote control & great battery allows you to take a self-photograph or group photos easily with a better photo sight. 

    270 degree adjustable head – the mount at the top of the selfie stick can be positioned at any point through a 180 degree arc, allowing you to adjust the position according to the specific shot you are taking. 

    Material : Aluminum alloy 

    Camera interface : Universal 1/4 screw 

    Size of product : 5 segment 

    Extends to 82cm 

    Closes to 21.5cm 

    Fits easily in pocket 

    New variable length position 

    New support for heavier camera 

    The battery capacity: 130mah Operating current: 3.5MA 

    Working voltage: 3.7v-4.2V 

    Charging voltage: 5v 

    Charging time: 1hour (when charge, red light on, when finished, the light off) 

    Stand-by time: Above 120 hours 

    Working time: More than 600 times 

    Suitable for: Travel, group, overhead, self-portraits, or action shots. 

    Colors available: Blue, Pink