Wireless Selfie Stick ( Lovely 2 )


  • Wireless Selfie Stick

    Model: SS-002

    Material : Aluminum alloy

    Camera interface : Universal 1/4 screw

    Size of product : 5 segment

    Extends to 82cm

    Closes to 21.5cm

    Fits easily in pocket

    New variable length position

    New support for heavier camera

    The battery capacity: 130mah Operating current: 3.5MA

    Working voltage: 3.7v-4.2V

    Charging voltage: 5v

    Charging time: 1hour (when charge, red light on, when finished, the light off)

    Stand-by time: Above 120 hours

    Working time: More than 600 times

    Suitable for: Traveling, Video diaries, Video blogging, Hiking / camping, Weddings, Parties, The beach, Concerts, Aerial Photos, Sports events

    Colors available: Black/Golden, Black/Blue, Black/Pink, Full Black